The Excite exchange in Belgium is in full swing. Yesterday EDSUN and Kraków Loves Adana were in Ghent for a live session and interview on, the city’s radio station. Afterwards they were brought to Brussels for a show in VOLTA, a brand new venue.

EDSUN’s alternative R&B opened the night. The young musician and his crew overwhelmed the Belgian audience with an extraordinary performance which also incorporated contemporary dance.
Up next was the Hamburg based duo Kraków Loves Adana. Their guitar-driven, mysterious songs were the perfect transition to the last band of the night, Bed Rugs.

Big up to the music management students of PXL who accompany the whole exchange. Today the artists are using the studios of this university college in Hasselt to record a song of their choice.

Hasselt is also the city where the Belgian exchange comes to an end. Since the very beginning of Excite 10 years ago Muziekodroom has been the Belgian festival partner. This year Muziekodroom celebrates its 20th birthday with a brand new festival: 20//18. Saturday our Excite artists complete the line-up full of local heroes and international talent.