Prestigious EU funding strengthens EXCITE network in creating access to professionalisation/transnational touring

We are delighted to announce that the EXCITE network of partners have been successful in securing funding from Creative Europe to develop and diversify the project over the next two year time frame. EXCITE is a collaborative international network comprised of nine core partner organisations based in Scotland, mainland Europe and Scandinavia (SE, NO, BE, NL, DK, DE, FI, LU, UK)- which amongst other deliverables support emerging artists and music businesses to develop high-value international opportunities earlier in their careers/ development. Initially established in 2009 with a core base of three partners, the project has since developed into a coherent network of extended member organisations, associated festival and wider industry partners. This additional investment will facilitate the project to integrate a far broader range of high-level opportunities and collaborative activity into the delivery model and significantly extend the value for participants.

EXCITE is built around an outline of ten partner festivals in associated markets with a further four associated festivals in territories including PT, ES, SI and PL. Above the touring and mentoring elements of the project, this additional funding will facilitate the introduction of a range of added value outcomes such as specialist industry mentoring, business development workshops, cross-border song-camps and a series of EXCITE curated stages at key industry events- with the first activation being held at Reeperbahn Festival, Germany’s most respected conference and showcase festival. Dedicated advise from respected industry representatives and access to specialist advise from management companies, labels, publishers, booking agencies, sync agencies and promoters will also be integrated into this extended outline of activity. This additional investment will also facilitate more continuous and immersive relationships between participants, significantly expedite their development and impact their access to key industry networks across the international marketplace.

Within its activity plan, during a 24-month period between 2017-11 and 2019-11, the project will:

  • Involve 20-40 acts in a minimum of 100 live performances, 60 being transnational and 40 national, across 30 festivals in 13 European countries.

  • Involve a group of up to 20 musical acts per year, integrate around 40 young music entrepreneurs in the exchange, develop a range of additional live activity in each partner market, increase the level of dedicated media sessions in each territory and produce a high-value programme of music industry mentoring sessions.

  • Involve up to 18 songwriters at 2 talent development and specialist industry mentoring camps which will be delivered by up to 20 respected music industry professionals from across each participating country.

  • Promote 9 musical acts and the impact of this additional EU financial support to their professional development at curated stages across the UK, mainland Europe and Scandinavia. 

  • Produce a series of business focussed sessions which will offer attendees access to a credible international network and facilitate the internationalisation of music businesses at an earlier stage in their career/ development.