July 18th to 22nd saw songwriters and industry professionals from 5 different countries come together in Leeuwarden in the Netherlands to take part of the first Talent Development Week, hosted by Popfabryk. Things happened!

They participants were served a full schedule of masterclasses and workshops, spent the nights at Alibi Hostel in a former prison, got to learn more about Leeuwarden (Cultural Capital of Europe this year) and spent time getting to know each other at the festival Welcome to The Village during the evenings.

On the festival we had IDA KUDO from Denmark playing her show as well. Ida also gave two interviews on local radio shows Noardewyn and 3VOOR12/Radio, and met the Talent Development Week-group on Friday night during dinner.

The week brought the songwriters and professionals inspiration and valuable advice, as well as network expansion. Next year the Talent Development Week will be held in Sweden, and this first edition has given us a blueprint on how to make it work, thanks Popfabryk!

Pi©ture: Xanne Wijkamp