5 questions & answers about Talent Development Week °2

3 to 7 July

This time Gothenburg (Sweden) will be the playground.

Excite brings 5 songwriters from 5 different countries together to learn from and inspire each other. Swedish Excite partner KulturUngdom put together a diverse program to take the participating artists’ songwriting skills and their professional career to the next level. The artists can expect songwriting sessions and workshops led by 5 coaches, recording sessions in the Nacksving Studios, live sessions at Röda Sten. Furthermore they will get a tour of Pustervik, one of the most established and major venues in Gothenburg. The program wouldn’t be complete without a show, which will be held on Saturday evening @ Bengans. 

This is the second Excite Talent Development Week. The one last year took place in Leeuwarden en was hosted by Popfabryk.

The participating artists are JSSY from the Netherlands, Camille Camille from Belgium, Rossman from Norway, Sarah Muldoon from Germany and Nathan Aeli from Sweden. 

These countries are also sending coaches to help the artists and to give workshops. Ton van der Werf (NL) will share his experience about management, booking, performing and marketing. Nicholas Van Eck (NO) works day to day as a music industry advisor or mentor, and manages two artists via Arise Management. On top of this he will be head of the conference for the showcase festival Sørveiv this year. Jan Viggria (BE) is a guitarist, teacher, producer, sound engineer (studio) and singer-songwriter. Producer, mix engineer and songwriter Anders Lagerfors (SE) worked on a long list of successful records spanning many different genres. These days he is based in the legendary Nacksving Studios in Gothenburg. Emma Elstner (SE) is the owner and founder of Blackbird Artists, an independent booking- & management agency. Previously Emma has worked at international booking agency The Agency Group (now known as United Talent Agency) with acts like Opeth, The Hives and A Day To Remember.

When can we discover the result? 
Anyone curious about songs can attend the show on Saturday evening. Check the details here. Otherwise you’ll have to be patient and wait and check out the live sessions that will be published later on.

Cover picture © Xanne Wijkamp