Last November, EXCITE was represented by urban singer songwriter/rapper and producer TheColorGrey at Sonic Visions in Luxembourg, and it worked really well.

The Belgian artist lit up the opening night at Sonic Visions, with the rest of his band in full force. Once TheColorGrey had arrived at the festival, he was met by one of Luxembourg’s national radio stations, radio 100,7 for an on-location interview before heading off to set up and sound check. Meanwhile, Sonic Visons delegates were invited to an EXCITE presentation where music professionals and artists could learn a little more about EXCITE.

By 8pm TheColorGrey was set to go on stage, the venue filled up quickly with eager music lovers, ready to get their evening dose of urban pop and cool R'N'B. The show finished with a very loud and animated crowd singing his lyrics back at him and he closed the set with his contagious bass heavy track “Jamaica”.

It’s safe to say EXCITE was well received by music professionals, artists and fans alike!

Sonic Visions // TheColorGrey