Photo: Wander Kars

Dutch Excite partner Popfabryk decided to set up a live-stream co-writing session between two international artists through Zoom and have them talk about COVID-19. The artists meet each other for the first time on Zoom. They record their conversations and work on an online writing process, each from their own studio or living room. The result of the writing session is a brand new song, written by two international artists, inspired by their personal views on the virus.

Andy Echo
Photo: Andy Echo

Four duo’s are participating in this project, that was initiated by Popfabryk and joined by Norwegian Excite partner SØRF, German Excite partner RockCity Hamburg and Belgian Excite partner VI.BE. The second Co(vid)-writing project included Wander Kars from The Netherlands and Andy’s Echo from Germany. Together they wrote not one, but two songs within one week. Listen to their results “Rolling the Dice” and “Sunday” below.